Golf Fitness Instructor Certification: Drive Your Career!

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification

If you are a fitness pro or a golf pro and are looking to find the right combination for your client's golf-specific fitness, then you are at the right place!  Everyone knows that fitness is essential for all sports. Golf is not exception!  Hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength and speed all play important parts in your client's golf game!  Have you ever thought about which exercises your client can do in a gym to keep his/her shoulders depressed through the drive?  How about looking at it the other way.  What exercises should your client avoid to keep his/her shoulders from elevating during the drive?

Understanding the technique and the form of the swing is only part of understanding optimal athletic performance in golfing.  ASFA's Golf Fitness Instruction helps tie together the fitness of golf with the proper technique.  Learn the muscles that should be emphasized (or de-emphasized) to bring your client to the pinnacle of his/her golfing ability!

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Golf Fitness Instructor Certification

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