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ASFA® is an organization and community that can help you achieve success  

ASFA® is an organization that allows its members to be part of a community. It is more than just a set of credible certificates (although we pride ourselves on these too!), but also a place where fitness professionals can keep up to date with the industry. If you are considering expanding your career as a fitness professional, or are already making headway as a personal trainer, you should seriously consider our range of certifications. ASFA® offer a large range of qualifications that benefit professionals in the fitness industry. Our certifications are based online and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, in your own time. People often feel highly pressured and stressed at a test center. Areas of fitness you can study include Water aerobics, Stretching and flexibility, Bootcamp fitness, Indoor cycling, Yoga instruction and more... 

Once you understand our amazing range of certifications and feel like joining the ASFA® community, you should also consider our mailing list and newsletter. We offer a semi-regular newsletter for those who sign up to our mailing list. This email is packed full of useful information, tips and advice and really will help you develop your fitness career further. You can find information about new certifications available, and any changes to existing ones. Further, we provide a plethora of careers advice, and up to date news about developments in the fitness industry. Our newsletter is the perfect professional companion to accompany your ASFA® certifications. Finally, we offer discount codes and coupons relating to our certifications for those who join our mailing list which really is the icing on the cake!

ASFA® Newsletter

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