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ASFA® Certifications

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The fitness industry needs a range of diverse certifications that give instructors real skills and knowledge that they can use in their day to day business. Instructors need to be trained and must adhere to a set of standards and guidelines to ensure they are giving their clients the best and most relevant service. If you are a fitness professional, how can you do this? How can you ensure your service is up to date, and that the skills you are teaching are current? How can you keep at the top of your game and maintain your reputation as a first-class trainer? ASFA® provides the solution you are looking for!

The American Sports and Fitness Association® is responsible for the creation of a host of many viable and legitimate fitness certifications. These certifications have a great reputation for their accessibility, relevance and the fantastic skills and knowledge they teach. With partners that are industry leading organizations like Human Kinetics, HPSO and many more… ASFA® offers more than just certifications to our clients. We have the best Text and Manuals for your fitness needs, as well as fitness marketing materials. And, don’t forget our partnership with HPSO to provide top-of-the-line insurance coverage to our certified professionals. Whatever your fitness professional needs – we have you covered!

With ASFA® qualifications, you can choose a subject that you are most interested in, gain the relevant certification, and then put it to use immediately in your fitness business. Some of the different subjects you can study include Bootcamp instruction, Dance aerobics, Balance and stability training, Youth fitness, and Yoga instruction. These qualifications have the bonus of being specialized and specified to one subject. This means your studying will be focused, and you will learn a great deal more about one area of fitness. Or, if you are up to the challenge, try something more advanced and broader – Master Personal Training for example.

To boost your potential customer base and business, there is no better option. ASFA® tests and certifications answer your need for education and qualification. They will also give you a competitive edge and improve your reputation as an up and coming fitness professional.

ASFA® Certifications

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