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ASFA® Certifications

Push the limit of your personal fitness instruction career with a specialized fitness certification from ASFA®

As a fitness instructor, it is imperative that you attempt to maintain a strong level of education and qualification. You must be able to provide the best service to your clients and understand the industry you are working in. Furthermore, you must have a deep understanding of what you are teaching and the human body.   Without this understanding and knowledge, you may end up providing a sub-par service to your customers, and ultimately losing business. So how do you keep your knowledge and skill set up to date? How can you learn in a stress-free environment without taking time away from your business? Is such a thing even possible? Of course, it is! The American Sports and Fitness Association® is just what you need to give your career a boost, and to provide you with the continued education you need.  

ASFA® is a professional organization that offers a superb range of specialized fitness certifications. These certifications cover a wide number of subjects including Yoga instruction, Pilates instruction, Dance instruction, Master personal training, Bootcamp training, Senior fitness training and more... Additionally, each qualification is based entirely online. So, you can complete the study material and exam from the comfort of your own living room! If you have a laptop, Smartphone or PC, you can simply connect to the internet and take your examination right there and then! Aside from the convenience, ASFA® qualifications also serve a vital role in keeping your education current.

Get your qualifications up to date! Specify to your fitness niche! And, answer your fitness questions with your next qualification from ASFA®!

ASFA® Certifications

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