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ASFA® Certifications

Improve your own career prospects and knowledge with one of the most credible ranges of certifications on the market  

Certifications can be a fantastic way to improve your career prospects and attract a wider range of customers. Consider this, if you only have basic training, and can only offer a personal fitness instruction service, how do you expect to gain a large range of clients? Personal fitness instruction is a worthwhile venture, and ASFA® offers a personal training certification. However, there is a whole other scope of fitness qualifications you can gain and many areas you can expand your business into. There really is no reason not to better education yourself if you are serious about this career path and want to be as successful as possible. The certifications that ASFA® provide are a credible way to legitimize your resume and continue your education.

So what certifications are available? The possibilities are many, and the range of subjects is varied. ASFA® qualifications include. Yoga instruction, Master personal training, Pilates Instruction, Water Aerobics, Indoor Cycling and Bootcamp Instruction just to name a few. As you can see, you can choose something you will really enjoy rather than simply taking a certification that is a drudgery to you. Continuing your education with a subject that you will enjoy is always preferable and should help the study process.

Now you understand the vast array of potential options, you should also understand why ASFA® certifications are so popular. ASFA® has certified many thousands of fitness professionals throughout the United States and Internationally. ASFA’s qualifications are created specifically to develop your fitness knowledge and career. You will learn relevant skills that have real applications. Additionally, the certifications are based online. Consequently, you can take the test anytime, and study for the course in your own time, and in a pressure-free environment. The American Sports and Fitness Association® makes your test taking experience convenient and straightforward, and that is shown through our mobile friendly, easy to navigate site. So, the only questions is: Which certification is right for you?

ASFA® Certifications

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