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If you are looking for a little bit of financial aid with your certifications or simply would like to save a little bit of cash, our mailing list offers semi-regular coupons and discount codes to help with the cost of getting fitness qualified. We understand that not everyone has an ample amount of free cash to spend, and while our certifications are reasonably priced, we like to offer rewards to those who join our community. Once you join our mailing list, you will gain access to these discount codes and will benefit from cheaper qualifications. But, this should not be the only reason you sign up. ASFA’s mailing list has a whole host of other perks and benefits for those who join.

As mentioned above, you will be privy discount codes and coupons, but you will also receive our engaging newsletter on a regular basis. When you become ASFA® certified, you will be joining our community, and joining the thousands of other fitness professionals who are benefiting from our certifications. Our newsletter provides you with useful articles and tips. Inside you can find information relating to our certifications, practical advice to help with your fitness career and tips to help you implement new routines in your business. Furthermore, you will also find industry news and the latest fitness and health developments. This is the perfect way to learn what is happening in your industry and keep up to date.

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