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When you consider certifications, you might think of the cost, the time required and the relative stress and hassle. ASFA® certifications for fitness professionals could not be more different. Each certification is affordable, straightforward to complete, and convenient. As the study material and tests are accessible online, you can finish a certification from your own house or office and at a time that suits you. There is no need to take vacations days from work, or spending money on gas to travel to a test center. If you want to diversify in your personal fitness career, ASFA® qualifications are the way forward. You can learn master level personal training, Pilates instruction, self-defense training, indoor cycling or even balance and stability training. The choice is yours and the options are many.

ASFA® can help you even more by providing discounts and coupons for our certifications. We understand that not everyone has spare cash to pay for certifications. All you need to do is join our newsletter mailing list! The American Sports and Fitness Association® newsletter is not just a handy tool for coupons, it also provides you with a wealth of vital information. You can read about developments in the ASFA® organization and new certification releases. Additionally, you can keep up to date on current affairs in the fitness industry and news relating to sport, fitness and personal health. It really is a detailed and informative newsletter that you will find highly engaging.

If you are serious about a career in the fitness industry, ASFA® can help! Complete one of our certifications and expand your potential client base today! And, don't forget to join our mailing list also to receive relevant news about the industry and discounts!

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