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ASFA® Certifications

Join the ASFA® community today and become part of an ever-growing family of fitness professionals

The American Sports and Fitness Association® community is ever expanding. More and more fitness professionals are taking ASFA® certifications and realizing the benefits of joining this reputable organization. The ASFA® range of fitness certifications have a fantastic reputation in the industry and thousands of individuals are benefiting from them already. Why not get on board and see what certifications you are interested in? Why not look at developing your own career prospects and boosting your range of clients? Why not continue your own education and improve your knowledge as a fitness professional? If you have the drive and determination, there is no reason why you cannot become ASFA® certified today!

If you are considering taking an ASFA® certification, or already have one, you should seriously consider signing up for our mailing list. This is not a run of the mill mailing list, but a highly specific and targeted one that will give you real benefits. If you sign up, you will receive semi-regular emails that contain a whole host of useful information. This includes details about new ASFA® certifications, helpful tips relating to fitness and health, and up to date news about developments in the fitness industry. This mailing list will allow you to stay connected, and stay up to date on the career path that you have chosen. Furthermore, discounts and coupons are often offered relating to the cost of certification, so there is a possible financial gain to be had also. Get involved in the ASFA® community and join the mailing list today.

As a fitness professional, it is important to keep some form of connection with what is happening in the industry. You must keep ahead of the game and be knowledgeable of any important developments or changes to regulations and standards etc. The ASFA® mailing list will help you do exactly that. Join today!

ASFA® Certifications


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