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Independence Day is here, and with it the heat.  As temperatures heat up around the country, gym memberships start to dwindle.  That creates the perfect opportunity for the savvy personal trainer and/or fitness professional to expand his/her knowledge base while at the same time opening the door to new clients.  Many trainers want to take the Master Personal Trainer exam - but, haven't had the time in their busy schedule.  Now, as the time starts opening up, it is time to expand your knowledge base and marketability to the next level with ASFA's Master Personal Training Certification.

It's no secret that clients want the best trainer they can get.  And with nearly every trainer in the gym showing their personal training certification, what sets you apart?  What is your area or expertise that draws potential clients to you instead of your competition?  If you can't answer those questions or are looking to move even more in front of the pack, now is the time to take your Master Personal Training independent study course.  ASFA provides convenient online access to the exam and a large variety of texts by our sponsor Human Kinetics.  As business starts to slow with the weather, now is the time to become as knowledgeable and marketable as possible!

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