Indoor Cycling Certification - Great Winter Cardio.

Indoor Cycling Certification

ASFA's indoor cycling certifications might be just what you need to kick-start your clients' cardio until warmer weather.  Many clients love to workout outdoors, especially cardio.  However, in winter weather, outdoor workouts in most of the country are impractical.  With this in mind, a savvy trainer should consider expanding his/her portfolio into Indoor Cycling.

Indoor cycling can be one of the best cardio workout classes that is held in any gym.  In addition to being a dynamic exerting workout, indoor cycling is low-impact and easy on the joints.  In addition to marketing the cardiovascular benefits of cycling through the Winter, you can also market to those clients who have been runners and pounded away most of the cartilage in their knees.  Many runners have to quit running after years in practice due to chondromalacia.  However, with no ground impact, indoor cycling could be an ideal alternative.

Whether the goals of your business are to keep clients during the slower winter months, or to gain clients with a great low-impact cardo regimine, an Indoor Cycling Certification could be just what you need?  Is Indoor Cycling right for you?

Indoor Cycling Certification



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