Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification - The Most Bang for Your Client's buck!

Group Fitness Certification

ASFA® is proud to offer the Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor certification. With the economy fluctuating, many potential personal training clients are putting off their personal fitness needs/goals in favor of holding onto their money. This is completely understandable as many have taken pay reductions or lost their jobs in the last couple years. So, what is the solution?

The solution is Group Fitness and Bootcamp classes. Though many potential clients have the will and desire to hire a personal trainer – some just cannot afford it. At the same time, many personal trainers have extra hours to fill and wouldn’t mind the opportunity to make more per hour. Considering all of the factors, a Group Fitness class is the way to go. Or, if weather is ideal – perhaps an outdoor bootcamp class is an option. Either way, your clients can spend less money than personal lessons, but still attain a higher level of physical fitness. Many clients thrive of the group dynamic and will push themselves harder when viewed by their peers. At the same time, most personal trainers would like to make more money per hour.

If you add up all the factors surrounding the economy of gym and fitness industry and personal training clients, it is easy to see that any personal trainer should strive to obtain a Group Fitness/Bootcamp certification. With the ability to increase your income and the opportunity to provide potential clients a cheaper per hour alternative to personal training – holding Group Fitness/Bootcamp classes are obviously a win-win situation for both the trainer and the clients.

ASFA® offers convenient continuing education and specialty fitness certifications that you make take online on your own schedule. We know that your life is busy and hectic you might not always have the time to attend all the current personal training related seminars. So, all ASFA® courses are independent study. Our texts are provided through Human Kinetics and insurance may be provided through HPSO. Is the Group Fitness/Bootcamp certification right for you? Take it online now, in the convenience of your own home.

Group Fitness Certification

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