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Sports Nutritionist Certification

It is no secret that the holidays are the time of year that over-eating is not only acceptable - but, often encouraged.  It is also no secret that many of the New Year's Resolution clients are coming to enlist your personal training services because of their holiday weight gain.  Knowing all of the above, now is the perfect time to update your portfolio and resume with a Sports Nutritionist certification.  Everyone who needs a trainer to lose weight knows that they gained holiday weight by making improper dietary decisions.  Sometimes, just being a personal trainer is not good enough to get the client.  Remember, you are competing with many other personal trainers, many of which have advanced degrees and certifications in their specialty fields.  Specializing in Sports Nutrition could be just what you need to push you resume over the top!  Knowing that you can tell your client that you will assist him/her with their workouts and nutrition plan is a great way to gain the edge over your competition.

The holiday season is here.  Many future clients are over-indulging and gaining weight right now.  In a month or two, they will be requesting the assistance of the best qualified trainers.  They know that they need help with their physical conditioning and also their diet.  Now is the time for you to focus on the upcoming New Year's Rush needs by specializing in Sports Nutrition.  ASFA® makes a specialty certification in Sports Nutrition convenient to your busy schedule by offering independent study exams which may be taken online anytime. 

The trainers who make the most in the busy season, are the ones that worked the hardest in the slow season.  Specializing in qualifications that you know will directly impact your clients' decision for purchase is the best way to increase your marketability and credibility as the best personal trainer for your client's needs.

Sports Nutritionist Certification



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