Trimming the Fat Off of Thanksgiving...

Sports Nutritionist Certification

November is here and Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Are you ready to handle the holiday feast?  Are your clients up to speed with their nutrition and cardio?  November is one of the best times of the year to emphasize the importance of Sports Nutrition and cardiovascular exercise.  Knowing that the average person gains weight over the holidays and eats approximately 4,500 calories for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, there is a clear need to clean up your clients' diets and get back to cardio for that lean defined look.  

Kickbox and Step Aerobics are two of the most popular forms of aerobic workouts.  ASFA® has combined both skills sets to provide our clientele top-level qualifications with convenience and affordable prices.  And what better way to compliment your cardio and aerobics background than adding Dance/Hip-hop Aerobics to your qualifications.  Understanding dance for fitness and hip/hop fitness dancing requires rhythm, cadence, coordination and more.  Learn what is takes to get fit dancing and do it safely.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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