Certificate Download and Upgrade Areas

Certificate Download Area

ASFA® makes attaining and upgrading your certificate convenient and accessible. After successful completion of our program, you can download and print your certificate directly off of our site from our Certificate Download Area. Knowing that sometimes emails get sorted incorrectly, we have done our best to ensure that everyone can access their certificate from us directly 24/7. All you need is your order number and your email to access your purchase anytime.

 ASFA® allows certificate upgrades to lifetime renewal for up to one week after successfully passing your examination. We understand that sometimes clients wish they had purchased a lifetime renewal instead of a one-year certificate. If you would like to upgrade and have taken your certification in the last week, please check out our Certificate Upgrade Area. All you need is your order number and your email and you can see what upgrades are available with your purchase.

Certificate Upgrade Area

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