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Fitness Professional Kit

ASFA® understands that many fitness professionals enjoy their job because they are helping people.  However, not so many personal trainers love the sales, marketing and organizational paperwork side of attaining and maintaining clients.  ASFA® offers the Fitness Professional Kit to help fitness professionals with their business and marketing document needs. 

Most fitness professionals are more than happy to train clients and hold fitness classes.  However, not as many of us are excited to fill out essential paperwork including:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Diet diaries
  • Weight workout logs
  • Cardio logs
  • Assessment sheets
  • Exercise Journal

ASFA® is happy to provide fitness professionals with necessary organizational paperwork.  We have put together a comprehensive set of documents to address many of your paperwork needs and also assist you in business and marketing planning.  To assist your marketing and fitness management, we are happy to offer you the fitness professional kit for only $65.  Get prepared with ASFA's fitness professional kit.

Fitness Professional Kit

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