New Certification! Stretching and Flexibility Instruction

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

ASFA® is constantly trying to keep fitness professionals on the cutting edge of the fitness industry.  To develop new continuing education and niche market specialty certifications, we  monitor the fitness industry and listen to your feedback.  ASFA® is proud to offer the Stretching and Flexibility Instruction certification!  With a stretching and flexibility instruction certification, you can learn about different types of stretches, flexibility program design, injury prevention while stretching and much more.

Flexibility is a major fitness component that is absent in the fitness programs of many potential clients.  Many clients suffer from tight muscles or have injured themselves because they were not flexible enough to perform the workout they were attempting.  It is no secret that as we age, we lose some flexibility.  They only way to prevent this is to actively stretch and employ a stretching routine that keeps you at an ideal level of flexibility.

The Stretching and Flexibility Instruction certification is an ideal addition to any fitness resume.  Enhancing your knowledge in stretching and flexibility can only help you become a better trainer for a wider range of clients.  So, why not expand your knowledge base to include a skill that everyone needs with ASFA's Stretching and Flexibility Certification?

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

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