Marketing the Olympics: 2014

Sport Specific Training Certification

The 2014 winter olympics are coming up!  Is your marketing and advertising up to par to capitalize on the olympic coverage?  This year could be a great year to grow your fitness business.  This year, we will be going right from the New Year's rush into non-stop coverage of athletes in their prime competing on an elite level starting Feb. 7th.  Olympics always invigorate arm-chair athletes and coming right after the New Year's rush, they should inspire some to continue or re-dedicate their New Year's resolution and get fit.

ASFA® offers many fitness specialty continuing education qualifications.  However, there is one that sticks out as the exact type of certifications that would appeal most to the arm-chair athlete.  ASFA's Sport Specific Training certification is the ideal specialty to attract former athletes that want to train like they did in sport practice.  With ASFA's Sport Specific Training certification, your fitness professional marketing and specialty would align with the timing of this year's olympics.  Learn to train individuals in a sport specific way without causing excessive injury risk.

Being a sport specific trainer is the ideal specialty for many fitness professionals who are former athletes.  Whether you are training professional athletes, high-school athletes or individuals who just want to train like an athlete, you will help fulfill your client's fitness ambitions and have fun doing it.  Sport specific training is a great way to specialize your training and a dynamic fitness niche market that is exciting and always changing.  Is growing your business right for you?  Then, market the olympics by becoming a sport specific trainer!

Sport Specific Training Certification

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