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What is Your Fitness Niche?  Maybe it is time to specialize!

One of the newest trends in the fitness industry is specialty fitness in boutique gyms or classes.  Many of this year's clients may be heading to specialty boutique gyms instead of traditional gyms.  The rise in popularity of boutique gyms specializing in niche markets is no secret.  Gyms everywhere are opening up to just teach bootcamps, kickboxing fitness, indoor cycling, functional fitness, etc. Are you ready to move to the next level of your professional advancement by specializing your knowledge base?  Are you qualified to teach the classes and individual training required for specialty niche markets?

Either way, it's time to push your limits and explore new specialities.  ASFA® makes learning skills in a niche market convenient.  With independent study courses and an exam you can take online, you can learn and test at your own convenience.  Fitness is clearly trending to emphasize more diverse and niche markets.  The better your are qualified and the more you are prepared has a direct relation to your marketability in these areas.  

Whether you are planning on running classes, individually training or opening your own speciality gym, ASFA® provides qualification exams to help meet your needs.  Niche marketing, continuing education and a solid advertising and marketing strategy and fundamental building blocks growing your business and maximizing its potential.  Are you ready to specialize?  Do you need help with an advertising plan or fitness paperwork?  Then, maybe you should check out our certifications page and/or our fitness professional kit.  Find the exam or products that are right for you.  With Human Kinetics text/manuals/DVDs (Text and Manuals Page) and ASFA®'s exams and fitness professional kit, you have the tools you need to optimize your fitness potential.

ASFA® Certifications

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