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Group Fitness Certification

Are you one exercise-gaming program away from losing clients?

Gaming technology is adding fitness to their list to attract new customers. Even Gold’s Gym has joined Wii fit with it’s own exercise game to tap into this new trend. People are looking for new ways to keep fit and reduce the cost.

As a businessperson you can’t just keep lowering prices. Your services are just as valuable now as before. So what can you do?

You could offer group rates or “Bring a friend” plans. Try adding services like nutritional counseling or a kids’ fitness day when parents and kids can exercise together. Adding value may entice a prospect to try your services rather than something or someone else.

You can also broaden your credentials list by adding special certifications. ASFA® has a wide variety of specialty certifications that could add value to your training services. Potential clients will almost always go with whom they think is most qualified. In our current economy we will have to be creative and able to adapt our business strategy to remain profitable.  Group Fitness might be the right approach at the right price. 

Group Fitness Certification

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